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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
Poor Data Security Practices are the Norm
Whatever your company's guidelines on account security and password management, it turns out that poor practices are more common than good data management. We've all spotted a coworker's account password on a sticky note taped to their monitor—or, maybe, that coworker was us. It turns out that a quarter of workers share their work-related passwords with others.

Also, 59% of people re-use passwords, introducing even more vulnerability into your data security systems. These are all reasons not to rely on what employees report about their data security habits when thinking about the risk of cyber attack to your business. Your profits and your customer's personal data is probably more vulnerable than you think.

Your Business is Probably More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks Than You Think
If you're basing your faith in the security of the data management system at your workplace on employee reports, stop right now.

Just because your company policies mandate password managers, two-factor authentication, partitioning professional and personal accounts and devices, and not sharing account passwords, you should probably assume most employees have poor data security habits. This makes it much harder to assess your company-wide vulnerability to data theft and malicious cyber attacks.
Get an Outside Assessment of the Strength of Your Data Security System
Basing your assessment of your company's security risks on best practices, the company's guidelines, and what employees report to you is probably misguided. Instead, discover where your security risks and vulnerabilities lie with a comprehensive assessment by BitClave. Using reports from users like you and privately accessible data, BitClave creates a custom and accurate Risk Assessment Report, plus practical steps to take to mitigate your particular security risks. Most importantly, the assessment is designed while keeping your and your users or customer's data secure and private.
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