3 Reasons Why You Need Personalized Wealth Management

Considering seeking wealth management services? Here's three reasons to get you going in the right direction.
Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
Wealth management is for anyone who wants to work toward a vision of their future finances and lifestyle. But what makes it so important to the average person?
1 - An Expert On Your Team
A wealth manager is like a coach for your financial life. Your wealth manager will look at your, income, assets and liabilities, and help you get to your financial and personal goals. Goals could be reducing debt, buying a home or investment property, early retirement, or another lifestyle change. Your manager will also coordinate with your tax advisor, but in practice, wealth management is more comprehensive than the services a tax or investment advisor provides.

A wealth manager looks beyond your yearly return, and they also advise about your non-liquid assets that an investment advisor wouldn't be able to leverage for your wealth growth.

2 - Reap the Benefits of Having a Plan
While a services like those provided by an investment advisor are probably best suited to individuals with a bit of cash to throw around, planning and wealth management can benefit everyone who has some assets, or merely wants to prepare for the future.

According to a Northwestern Mutual study, almost 60% of Americans feel that they need to take steps towards better financial planning, such as for retirement. However, the study suggests a third of Americans have made no financial planning efforts at all. Having a wealth manager can keep you on track, and on top of your goals and necessities that may not be immediately apparent.
3 - Personalized Attention Makes All the Difference
A good wealth management strategy is like an expertly-crafted cocktail; different individuals and organizations prefer different flavors, and more importantly, a careful balance is required.

Wealth management balances your perspectives on risk, growth, and tax impact with an eye towards your short and long-term goals. Being able to sit down for a frank conversation about your assets, goals, and comfort with risk is essential. Your wealth manager should take what they've learned from your answers to their questions and use it to build your strategy.