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Businesses are spending on digital Marketing More than Ever to Gain and Keep Customers. Brands pay Internet giants tons of money for serving ads to potential customers but conversion rates are generally low due to ineffective targeting.

End Users Expose Valuable Personal Data Unknowingly and Often Receive Poorly Matched Offers.
Anytime users search online, their data gets shared unknowingly in the public domain. This leads to a vicious cycle of getting unwanted ads and spending more time searching.

BitClave Vision – Create and Grow a Blockchain-Based Decentralized Marketplace to Benefit All Participants!
By creating an open, public, decentralized marketplace, BitClave allows businesses and ecosystem partners to effectively target potential customers and allow end users to receive better matched offers. When users get rewarded for sharing their personal data, businesses and service providers can achieve greater customer acquisition and retention rates. Every participant of BitClave's ecosystem wins!