Why Are Online Rental Services So Expensive? We Found Out.

Services like Airbnb charge you up to 20% premium on each booking depending on your reservation. Is it possible to pay landlords directly without the extra fees? We believe so.
Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
Real Sharing Economy
The idea of sharing your stuff with others for a fee has got extremely popular in the recent years, with a projected 73.7 million users in the US in 2019. As more people understand the benefits of renting their flats to make a buck, platforms choose to put the duty of providing them with income on the renters, charging them up to 20% on the booking price. The service is not always great, some platforms like Wimdu or FlipKey have additional fees for transactions, currency exchanges, or just poor customer support.

Fraud is another issue that cannot always be in control of such platforms. Fake landlords can ask you for prepayment, or the place you booked may not resemble the photos on the website. The platform can also give your email address to third parties, like property agencies who often use it to find renters. Marketplaces like these can get messy, meaning a new, secure system is needed.

Being In Control
Imagine you could have an account, where all your personal data would be published only by your consent without even the platform having access to it. A real way to control your personal information is what we are developing at BitClave. An ecosystem where through encryption, real, verified people can upload all the necessary personal information and preferences for booking while still be anonymous to the public.

Through our search system, you can find your dream place to stay. The more information about yourself you upload, the more chances you have to get a special offer from a real landlord who found you through the filtration system. BitClave, in its turn, rewards you with the system token for being open and honest. Remember, your data is encrypted and can be accessed by the landlord only through your consent.
Keeping Costs Low, Too
This direct relationship between you and your landlord enables lower prices for accommodation and secure payment and data protection system powered by the blockchain.

It is time to take sharing economy to a new decentralized level. Join us today!