Rental Platforms Seem Great, But We Need Something Better

Airbnb and HomeAway seem like great platforms for landlords. Still, paying up to 20% for their services can seem excessive. This is doubly true when you include how much you have to invest, first. Is there any way to keep things just between you and renter, all while keeping the process both safe and affordable? We believe there is.
Cost Is King
Your margin is a priority if you want to make a profit. If Airbnb or FlipKey charged a 3% fee on a single listing for daily rent, it likely wouldn't bother you much.

However, if you lease an apartment or flat for three to six months, the fee is going to be a considerable amount that you will have to pay the platform. In the case of VRBO, it will cost you $349 annually to advertise your property, though they do not charge you anything per booking. In any case, even if you believe you can bare these expenses for their services, renters have to pay even more (up to 20% on AirBnB) to the platform.

Keeping It Safe
A fact that is increasingly important today is that such marketplace platforms collect tons of personal data from their users - both property owners and renters.

Landlords are willingly publishing information about their property, while renters expose their temporary address, not to mention names, transactions, and other details, that if hacked can be used for unknown purposes. Such centralized systems can be vulnerable. Even if they are quite secure, nevertheless, they gather data and sell it without you having control over it.
A New Scenario
Here's how BitClave can make your experience using an online rental marketplace better.

We have developed an ecosystem where all private data and search preferences are encrypted. Every user is anonymous by default and can decide for themselves whether they want to reveal their identity to a business or not. For you as a landlord, there is a filtration system that lets you find users who show they have a real need for your service and have verified accounts.

Users are also incentivized by the ecosystem to provide you with as much personal data as possible. During the matching process, you can decide if this is a customer you want to pursue. The cost of customer acquisition is much lower since you don't have to pay the system to find your ideal tenant - the filters work for you by default. BitClave will not charge you extra and will not intervene in your relationship with the client. You are in control.

Learn more about our services and get started today! Drive down your cost and get ready for a new secure way of running a property business!