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You can offer direct assistance through BitClave's secure, verified donor matching portal. All without the need for a rent-seeking middleman.
Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
Do the Most for Those with the Least
It's a natural instinct after a disaster or tragic event to want to help those in need. After a tragedy like the fires throughout California, or the severe snowstorms in the Mid-Atlantic, people are isolated, away from their homes. They are also potentially facing long-term loss of their houses and livelihoods.

These families need help both big and small, and individuals have the power to supply exactly what can help these families get back on their feet.

Offer Direct, Immediate Help
In can be hard, when faced with news about a disastrous situation, to know the best way to reach out and lend a helping hand. Victims have layers of needs, from temporary and potentially permanent housing, to continuous schooling for children, to immediate needs like toiletries and healthy food. Individuals can have the most immediate impact by providing goods to families (or pets!) in need through BitClave's secure, verified donor matching site.

Unlike assistance or compensation from slower-moving aid organizations or charities, supplies can reach families within days or even hours to help them reestablish themselves.
Avoid Fraudsters While Making an Impact for Families and Communities
One issue with direct donations is the potential for fraud; malicious people can fake harm from a disaster for their undeserved financial gain. They could falsely claim to live in an impacted area, or take on the identity of someone harmed or from an aid organization, which recently occurred in Southern California.

This, unfortunately, makes those who want to help wary of donating anywhere but to the most established aid organizations. However, you can often have a bigger impact working more locally, and it's wonderful to directly help families. BitClave's donor matching service mitigates the risk of fraud by verifying the names of those impacted by disasters. This way, you know that what you give is really going to someone in need.
If you are a victim of a natural disaster or catastrophe, or you are someone who would like to donate to those in need, join us at