Decentralized Search Engine

User behavior and search data is worth billions to companies — should users be compensated for this?

It's time to take the internet back.

The Problem

Internet giants come across as the friendliest companies, always doing everything for us - free search, free mail, free chat. Always on the edge of innovation. Know how they get there? You! Every time you search or click on an ad, they are paid hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars from the companies behind the ad. And depending on where you live, the price tag could get even higher. Why should you do all the work and they reap all the benefits? It’s time to take back the Internet and make it ours.

The Solution

BitClave is the next generation of data privacy. We believe that your data is your own, and that you should have control over who can use it- and how. We're building a decentralized search engine that helps you truly find what you're looking for and get compensated for your data directly from the retailers you're interested in, making third-party advertising networks unnecessary and irrelevant ads a thing of the past. BitClave is powered by blockchain, the world's most private and secure database, so you can rest assured your data is protected. And unlike the advertising middlemen, we don't make money off of your data.

You Make the Money

Not "THEM" - Instead of the ad companies getting paid by retailers for your data, you get handsomely compensated - and we’re not talking chump change - we’re talking hundreds of dollars per offer...

Crypto for the Masses

Finally get into the cryptocurrency game - CAT is a great place to start - you earn it with the data you share rather than buying it and your CATs can be traded as any other cryptocurrency

Private Data

Anything you search for or click on is only your business. If a business wants your business, they need to pay for this data

Don't Search - Find!

Find things that matter and are truly meaningful - not just offers that have paid for top billing

Use cases

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Time to buy a new car?

You've put in the time and now you're ready to cash in on a sweet ride. You go to the BitClave app, search for the car of your dreams and opt in to share your data with certain dealers. They, in turn, can make you an offer you can't refuse. Whether you take the offer or not - you'll get CAT Cash either way from all dealerships that made you an offer

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House Hunting

It’s time to move, and you have a specific vision for your dream home. You have a lot of specific criteria and need to stay within budget, but where to start? You open the BitClave app on your phone and search for realtors. Thanks to data that you’ve shared with BitClave, you’re served offers only from realtors who can meet your needs and you’ll earn CAT from each offer you engage with.

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Stay Fashionable

You’re impeccably chic and pride yourself on not breaking the bank when you shop. What’s your secret? Over time, the more offers you engage with on the BitClave app, the better, more personalized offers you’re served. So, while you’re earning CAT that you can use to make purchases, you’re tailoring the search platform to your unique sense of style.


  • Q1 2017

    Assembling the co-founding team and developing initial idea

  • Q2 2017

    Building development and marketing team

    Creating a first draft of white paper

  • Q3 2017

    Initial pre-sale

    Internal testing of alpha version

    Signing initial partners and customers

    Release of smart contracts

    Start of alpha and first customers

    Start of crowdfunding event

  • Q4 2017

    Completion of crowdfunding event

    Token distribution

    Listing on exchanges

    Release of beta version of the product

    Partnership with scalable blockchains

  • Q1 2018

    Improvements of Anonymization and Ranking system in collaboration with CMU

    Release of open source SDK

    Building of ecosystem with development community participation

  • Q3 2018

    Partner releases of vertical solutions - Job Search, Retail and Automotive Search, Real Estate Search

    Signing partners and customers

  • Q1 2019

    Scalability development

    Integration with scalable file system

    Search optimizations

Token CAT

Consumer Activity Token (CAT) connects businesses and people

White Paper

CAT Distribution

The maximum number of tokens implemented in the ecosystem is 2,000,000,000. The software does not permit change to the number of implemented tokens after the smart contract is deployed on the Network.

The maximum number of CAT Tokens available for purchase will be 1,000,000,000.

Community grants: 10%
Team: 10%
Long term budget: 30%
Fundraiser: 50%

Use of Proceeds

Development: 38% of the budget. This financing allows for the rollout of the solution, including the necessary adjustments.

Administration: 7% of the budget. Consists of associated administration costs.

Community: 37% of the budget will focus on expanding adoption. This also includes the growth and maintenance of the worldwide community.

Advisers: 5% of the budget. These funds will be directed at growth-hacking, PR, partnerships, affiliate programs and more.

Legal expenses: 5% of the budget.

Contingency: 8% of budget. This is a set-aside for unforeseen costs.

Our Team

The team consists of 20 engineers and the advisory board of world-class talents in the fields of security, payments, and blockchain.

team member Alex Bessonov CEO

Senior Executive with over 20 years of experience in the security, privacy and blockchain industry. Former CSO of LGE.

team member Patrick Tague CTO

Associate Research Professor in the ECE Department at CMU. Expert in mobile, embedded, and wireless security.

team member Emmanuel Owusu Chief Architect

Ph.D. from CMU. Expert in the fields of security, blockchain, Internet of Things, public policy and privacy.

team member Vasily Trofimchuk Project Manager

MSc in CS, MBA. A serial entrepreneur. Expert in advertising, game theory, blockchain and management.

team member Yan Michalevsky Security Architect

PhD from Stanford. Entrepreneur, expert in computer systems, software security and privacy.

team member Anthony Mandelli Content Marketing Lead

Communications architect specializing in content marketing and social media analytics. Backgrounds in eCommerce, blockchain, and cryptoeconomics.

team member Anna Naumova Product Manager

4 years experience in Mobile Development, Social Networks, and Ridesharing. 10 years in IT. Launched the first Russian Social Network ( in 2006.

team member Jesse Huang Community Manager

Marketing Specialist with a passion for social media and content marketing. Backgrounds in Account Management, Web Design, and Social Media Marketing.

team member Anton Bukov Blockchain Developer

MCS from Institute of Cryptography, Telecommunications, and Computer Science. Expert in data security and processing. Blockchain enthusiast and developer.

team member Ivan Yurin Senior Developer

Lead backend developer, experienced with scalable systems.

team member Andrey Shashlov Core Developer

Full stack developer with focus on Android and iOS. Entrepreneur and innovator. Blockchain enthusiast.

team member Eugene Kaganovich Data Architect

Full stack developer with deep knowledge of Java. Expert in protecting enterprise data in the cloud.

team member Mark Shwartzman Data Scientist

MSc from University of Tel Aviv. Expert in video compression and data science. Bitcoin enthusiast and developer.

team member Guy Benartzi Blockchain Advisor

Co-founder of Bancor Protocol, Venture-backed technology entrepreneur for over 15 years. CEO of Mytopia, Founder of Particle Code, Appcoin and active angel investor.

team member George Samman Blockchain Advisor

Blockchain enthusiast and entrepreneur. Former cofounder of Magnr and contributor to CoinTelegraph

team member Greg Wolfson Blockchain Advisor

Entrepreneur and Blockchain expert. Former Director of Business Development at BTCC

team member Min Kim Community advisor

Partnerships experience in retail tech and venture financing experience with various ad tech and eCommerce companies

team member Doug Park Legal Advisor

PhD Stanford GSB, JD Michigan. Expert in corporate governance, business models, regulatory strategy, and organizations.

team member Reza Dibadj Legal Advisor

Harvard JD and MBA. Expert in solving complex problems in business law and business strategy.

team member Lucas Hendren Blockchain Advisor

University of Illinois Alum Double Major in EE and CS and Physics. Blockchain entrepreneur and expert. Cofounder at SimplyVital Health.

team member Kevin Doerr Strategy Advisor

Microsoft, Yahoo, and GoDaddy executive. Expert in user experience, security and team building. Angel investor.

team member Gerald Beuchelt Governance Advisor

CISO at LogMeIn. Former CISO at Demandware. A member of the Infragard Member Alliance Boston Chapter Board of Directors.

team member Balaji Ganesan Data Privacy Advisor

Serial entrepreneur. CEO of Privacera. Expert in data privacy and security. Focused on GDPR compliance.

team member Brad Gaynor Science Advisor

PhD in EE, Tufts University. Founder and CTO of Lexumo. Built the Cyber Systems Business at Draper Laboratory.

team member Charlie Liu Technology Advisor

Head of Global External Innovation & Partnership at Sony Mobile Communications. Technology expert.

team member George Totev Risk Advisor

Head of Risk and Compliance at Atlassian. Global Security Leader with expertise in governance and risk management.

team member Philipp Pieper Search Advisor

Co-Founder Swarm Fund. Startup entrepreneur in advertising and blockchain technologies. Angel investor.

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Sept. 25, 2017


Santa Clara

Nov. 29, 2017

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Press Mentions

Decentralized Search Engine Explained

Using Blockchain gives you more privacy when it comes to searching online for the products and services that you love.

Instead of major search platforms deciding what is, what is not relevant to you, and basing their ad campaigns on a plethora of wide ranging data they silently collected, you decide what information you want to share.

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BitClave Search Engine Taps the Ethereum Blockchain to Decentralize Advertising, ICO Planned

BitClave, an Ethereum blockchain based search engine, marks an attempt to decentralize online advertising by allowing users to be compensated for their data directly from the retailers they are searching for, making third party advertising unnecessary.

The BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) will allow users to control their data and decide who has access to it. Retailers, for their part, gain a direct connection to a potential customer and can offer targeted promotions.

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BitClave wants to 'decentralize' search, let users profit from their own data

The company's goal is to enable a "decentralized" form of online search. Instead of running a search via Google and letting Google intermediate (give your data to advertisers and pitch you appropriate ads), for example, you could search via BitClave and receive payment for the data you're willing to share in exchange for targeted ads.

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Ex-LG Security Officer Targets Ad Privacy with Blockchain Search Engine

A blockchain startup founded by a former chief security officer at LG Electronics is releasing a decentralized search platform he claims will be more secure for users and more cost-effective for advertisers.

Called BitClave, the startup is led by Alex Bessonov, who notably oversaw security controls and research for LG's products in 2015 and 2016, a role where he said he was exposed to how even the most carefully designed technologies can go wrong.

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BitClave – Online Marketing Advertising Consumer Activity Token (CAT)?

Blockchain startup BitClave proposes a solution launching the "BitClave Active Search Ecosystem" (BASE) – a decentralized ecosystem directly connecting consumers and businesses, which will result in advertisers and online consumers receiving value from every relevant search query in the BASE ecosystem.

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Interview with BitClave

Bitcoin Chaser: What kind of problem, market deficiency or opportunity inspired you to launch your project?

BitClave: When it comes to online advertising, businesses are forced to pay exorbitant amounts of money to "middlemen" in order to reach a captive audience for their promotions.

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Blockchain Startup BitClave Launches Advertising Application, Active Search Ecosystem and Cybersecurity Platform

Blockchain startup BitClave is planning to launch what they coin "the first product of its kind" called the "BitClave Active Search Ecosystem" (BASE) which will result in advertisers and online consumers receiving value from every relevant search query in the BASE ecosystem.

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BitClave Launches Active Search Ecosystem To Сonnect Businesses And Its Consumers

Blockchain startup BitClave launches "BitClave Active Search Ecosystem" (BASE) comprising advertising application, new search ecosystem and trustworthy cybersecurity platform.

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Блокчейн-компания будет начислять пользователям криптовалюту за поиск в интернете

Компания BitClave, разрабатывающая децентрализованный поисковый интернет-сервис BitClave Active Search Ecosystem, создала собственную криптовалюту Consumer Activity Token (CAT). Токены CAT начисляются пользователям поисковика BitClave за просмотр рекламы и раскрытие рекламодателям информации о своих поисковых запросах. При традиционном способе размещении рекламы все эти деньги получают сами поисковые системы.

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BitClave запускает поисковую систему с монетизацией релевантных запросов

Блокчейн-компания BitClave объявила о запуске поисковой платформы Active Search Ecosystem 25 июля. Об этом сообщили представители компании.

Поисковик BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) позволит рекламодателям, брендам и пользователям получать прибыль от каждого релевантного поискового запроса в экосистеме BASE, исключив посредников.

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Bitclave由LG电子前任首席安全官Alex Bessonov推出的一个区块链初创最近宣布其新产品BASE其旨在中断在线广告同时增加零售和电子商务企业的收入、维护用户数据的安全并打击互联网垄断。Bessonov先前曾在2015年和2016年监督LG产品的安全控制和研究他表示在任职期间他发现最“安全的系统”甚至也可能会失败并被黑客入侵。Bessonov意识到因为互联网在Google和Facebook等生态系统中的集中性黑客可一次性暴露于大量数据。作为回应Bessonov想创建一个系统即每个人都可完全控制他们的数据且不会被第三方分享。

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