World's first crypto search engine
The Desearch Crypto Search Engine is the world's first crypto-focused search engine. Desearch is the BitClave mission in action.

You can utilize Desearch for all your crypto information needs and curiosities, in one easy dashboard and without ads. It gives you top crypto news from trusted, relevant websites, and it works intelligently to gather the essentials on whatever topic you like.

The team is continually working on improving and clinching the product. Recently, the design of the search engine was updated, new features for comfortable and optimal handling were added. Now users can organize information about their subscriptions in the centralized location.

The Subscription Settings page allows the users to view all the completed searches, add or delete a coin or token to the page, subscribe or unsubscribe from the daily email digest. When you follow a search, you will get a daily digest of changes to the token price and other search updates. This conveniently consolidates the information you may want to share.

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