Cyber Security

Discover, Mitigate and Protect
As a technology leader in data security and privacy, BitClave provides highly differentiated, end-to-end cyber security services.

Discover Security Risks and Vulnerabilities
BitClave's risk assessment is comprehensive, accurate, and scalable while ensuring user data security and privacy. We offer different levels of assessment to meet business users' needs.

Mitigate Security Risks Based on Empirical Data
We recommend risk mitigation steps based on empirical security data. Reassessment takes place to ensure mitigation effectiveness.

Get Protection for Peace of Mind
And we recommend protection plans such as the right type of cyber insurance coverage to give businesses peace of mind.

Using BitClave's end-to-end cyber security services, businesses can
  • Gain accurate security profiles
  • Better protect digital assets and privacy
  • Become or stay business-compliant
  • Manage security IDs
  • Get proper insurance for peace of mind
  • Get rewarded for willingly sharing data with service partner
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