BASE - Decentralized Marketplace

Benefit customers, businesses and ecosystem partners
BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) is an open, public, decentralized ecosystem that allows users to own and selectively share their personal data. The main participants of BASE are end users, businesses and ecosystem partners.

In BASE, end users control their identity, and decide who can access their data. BASE can save end users time and effort in receiving offers that are better matched with their needs. Additionally, end users can be rewarded for sharing their valuable personal information with businesses.

With BASE, businesses can have a direct relationship with customers. That way, they can offer uniquely targeted promotions based on personal data that users willingly share. BASE can help businesses achieve higher efficiency in customer acquisition and retention by focusing their advertising resources on closely matched end users.

BASE partners can gain additional revenue streams by participating in BASE. Ecosystem partners get rewarded when a successful transaction happens between businesses and customers based on services provided.

Simply put, BASE helps create an open and fair marketplace where all participants can receive tangible benefits. Contact us to benefit from BASE.