Tips for Avoiding Bad Property Managers

Ever searched for a place to rent online? How many times did you stumble upon a property manager, but not the actual landlord? Sometimes looking for a home to rent seems more like a treasure hunt, with a trustworthy landlord often being just a happy coincidence.
Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
It Is Not Only About The Money
In the course of your search, it may be difficult to find a place suitable for you. Reasons vary from poor online service to plenty of scammers or property managers that just want their premium and otherwise don't care. Some cases of interaction with property managers can be quite annoying or frustrating, with unexpected rates for services you didn't know you would have to pay. The pure dishonesty of some savvy managers is difficult to avoid, especially since the competition among them is rough. On average, a property manager in the US makes around $48,000 - most of their income comes in the form of commissions.

In any case, if the service is excellent, at least you'll know what you're paying for. But wouldn't it be better to cut out the middleman and work with your future landlord personally, avoiding additional premiums you don't really understand or need to pay?

Privacy, Anonymity, and Honesty
With services like BASE (BitClave Active Search Ecosystem) you are able to anonymously present who you are and what you want to potential landlords. You are in control of your data - even the platform cannot access it without your permission. The landlords will then see someone who they might attract with their offer. After you see this is the landlord you can trust, you may grant access to the personal information you have uploaded into the system and see what they have for you.

This is only possible if you are anonymous and secure on the Internet - the things that BitClave is able to provide. Don't hesitate - sign up to BitClave today and explore the new way of finding your dream home!