Leveling The Playfield: Making it Easier to Find Affordable, Quality Child and Senior Care

Care services for your loved ones can be costly and difficult to find. That's why we need a better solution - one powered by blockchain technology.
Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
Finding personal care services for your loved ones can be a long and complicated journey full of pitfalls and stress. Everyone wants the best for their family, but the costs of care seem to be on a never-ending upward trend. Not only that, but cost does not always reflect quality. So enormous amounts of time are required to research the various providers. It's time for a change, and it's time to shift the balance so that finding good quality and reasonably priced care is within reach.
The Challenges of Finding Quality Care
According to several recent studies, the average weekly child-care payment for families with children under age 15 was $138 in the spring of 2010. On average, families spend 7.8 percent of their monthly income on childcare. Senior care, on the other hand, can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000 per month depending on state and type of care. A big reason for this high cost is information asymmetry. In other words, the providers tend to know more than customers do, and that creates an imbalance.

Whether the services you were looking for are for young children or for seniors, most of the desired attributes will be the same in both cases. For example, those seeking providers will want to find one that is reliable, trustworthy, has a good reputation, and provides a fair and reasonable price for the quality of care provided.

In order to get this information, the only options for care seekers now is to research dozens or even hundreds of websites in search of information that may not be reliable. For instance, it could be out of date, it could be paid testimony that isn't from real clients, or it could just simply be wrong.

A Better Way to Find Senior and Child Care Services
BitClave is a California-based technology company that utilizes the immense power of blockchain in order to provide unbiased and accurate information on various care providers. Blockchain technology allows care seekers to create an anonymous profile that contains only the most important information (such as basic details on the individuals that need care, such as their age, special needs, geographic location, and desired price range).

This information is then securely encrypted and can be willingly shared (or withheld, care seekers maintain total control over their information) to potential care providers. This information is then compared and the care seeker will be connected with only the most suitable and appropriate care providers based on their unique and specific needs. Not only that, but care seekers can be rewarded in exchange for using the platform and providing feedback and testimonials on care providers.

It's time to change the way we approach finding care services. It's time to use the power of blockchain to even the playing field.