Avoiding Fake Customer Reviews in Home Health Care

We rely on reviews to make better buying decisions, but those reviews can sometimes be fake or misleading.
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
Big Players Like Amazon Fight Fake Reviews
Before making any type of purchase, most consumers today check online reviews. Ideally, reviews can allow for unbiased opinions on products so that we can make more accurate buying decisions.

However, a disturbing trend has appeared wherein false reviews are purchased and posted all over the Internet in an attempt to mislead the customers. In an industry that is particularly sensitive to personal reviews such as the personal and home health care industry, the presence of false or misleading reviews can be tragic.

According to an article published in Forbes last year, major retailer frequently suffers from false or sponsored reviews that are not from actual customers.

While Amazon's business domain is different from that of the home healthcare industry, it is still indicative of the fact that even the most prominent players can suffer from this type of fraud.

False Reviews a Serious Threat to Care Seekers
When it comes to finding care for your loved ones, it can be a much smoother experience when we know that the reviews available online are truthful, and come from real current or former clients.

In the case of Amazon, one method they use to combat false reviews is to emphasize the reviews of what they call verified buyers. That meaning, a buyer that actually purchased the product in question will have the review placed much more prominently, and be given more weight when calculating the overall products score. However, the problem with this type of system is that a buyer could order a product, write a verified review, and then return the product with no consequences.
Stemming the Tide (of Fake Reviews)
Blockchain offers a similar and even more robust solution. Specifically, a blockchain is a way to store records in a permanent and a decentralized way. Therefore only allowing vetted buyers with verified identities and verified transaction histories showing they actually had a business relationship with the provider allows for highly accurate and trustworthy reviews.

When it comes time to finding honest reviews online, make sure that you remember that reviews can be faked in most websites. That's why it's vital to only rely on reviews that have a way to verify customers and that don't have loopholes.