Accountability - The Missing Ingredient to Make Car Shopping a Positive Experience

Finding a car online is difficult already. False, out of date, or misleading ads and listings can make the process needlessly frustrating. That's why we need accountability to keep dealers honest.
Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
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Stay informed to save you time, money and headaches
The Internet has changed car shopping forever. However, there still a lot of issues in the system, both old and new. Buyers still need to search through dozens of websites to find listings, many of which could be out of date. To make things worse, car dealers are notorious for posting intentionally misleading listings in order to get customers to call in and leave their information. And even among honest dealerships, most of them will not list their prices openly online and instead will insist that you call first. It's time that we utilized open and clear communication on both sides of the buying experience so that everyone can benefit.
The Drive for Better Communication
Let's imagine that you're looking for a car. You haven't made up your mind on makes or models, but you have a budget in mind and you know that it needs to seat three people. What you would likely do today is search through listings on sites like Google, Craigslist, or local auto dealers websites.

The biggest problem with all three of these options is that there is simply no accountability whatsoever. You could see the car of your dreams on a dealer's website only to see the price isn't listed. You call them and ask for the price. They first insist that you provide your full name and phone number first. Then they tell you the car is way over your budget, or perhaps that it was sold just that morning.

You call another dealer and go through the same process, but this time they tell you to come down to their dealership and look at the car. You go to the dealership and they tell you that car was just sold minutes ago, but they'd like to show you other options. And so you ask yourself, did the car I wanted to see ever exist in the first place, or was it just used as a lure to get me here? The truth is, there's no way to know what actually happened because there's no accountability.

That's why we need to use technology so that accountability is absolute.

Blockchain-Secured Auto Buying
For those that don't know, a blockchain is an open, permission-less (meaning anyone can use it) system where records cannot be modified. Using blockchain, participating auto dealers can list their cars with complete and accurate information including price. This information cannot be changed, and so dealers will be forced to only list accurate and true cars and offers. This also greatly reduces the need to "haggle" as prices are clear for everyone, immediately.

For buyers, they can provide information about what they're looking for such as their price range, make, model, and so on. With this information, the BitClave BASE system can provide unbiased and accurate matches for vehicles that are for sale and include accurate price information. This means no more endless searches for cars that have already sold, or call after call to dealerships trying to get prices for cars that may not even exist. And of course, it means no longer getting endless follow-up calls from car dealerships that you left your number with.

Indeed, blockchain technology such as the BASE system can fundamentally change the current auto buying paradigm to be one that is far more painless and infinitely more transparent.