Transparency Key to Reaching Care Customers

Customers across all sorts of industries demanding more transparency and easy access to information. The care industry is no different. Providers that are able to meet this demand will end up the leaders over the next 10 years.
Today, when customers look for care providers, they typically turn to the Internet first. However, while the Internet may be a convenient means of getting some basic information, it is sorely lacking in a number of key areas.
Transparency is Key
The information available on the web tends to be highly disorganized and incomplete. One search might yield nothing more than an address and the phone number, and another will find a website that hasn't been updated since 2013. Get another search may find various user reviews that could be fake, written out of spite due to a misunderstanding, or could be simply obsolete due to organizational changes or a change of ownership.

The other major hurdle at care seekers face is the need to constantly enter and reenter their personal, private information such as their contact details and the specifics on the type of care they require. This information will need to be provided again and again to each individual care provider. To make things worse, the potential customer has no idea whether or not the provider they are contacting is right for them (in terms of budget or services provided, for example) or whether they will even get a call or email back.

Simplification Through Technology
That's why bit clave created BASE. Base is a system that uses advanced encryption and blockchain technology to help both customers and businesses in the care industry. The way it works is simple. Potential customers enter their information a single time, and that information is stored in a secure and encrypted manner that not even bit clave has access to.

Next, customers can search for care providers and willingly choose which pieces of personal information they want to reveal. The BASE system then uses that anonymous information (meaning care providers will not directly receive personally identifying information at this stage) to match them with highly relevant results.

This system resolves all of the problems listed above including the need to enter and reenter personal information, and time wasted approaching facilities and providers that may not be offering what the client is looking for.

It's technologies like these that put the power of information into the hands of customers that will generate more (and better matched) leads for care providers and other care industry professionals.