Is Corporate Renting a Good Choice for Business Travel?

Costs are only one part of deciding to go the traditional hotel route, or to put your employees in an apartment rental.
If your business often sends employees traveling, you're likely thinking about both efficiency of cost and experience. With Airbnb's latest features to attract business travelers, it's time to consider the attractions of corporate renting compared to the traditional hotel experience.
Airbnb Wants to Attract Business Travelers
Airbnb is coming for the business travel market, using new initiatives and techniques like a loyalty program (which could compete with those used by corporate travelers) to serve more business travelers.

That would mean growing an already accelerating customer base. Last year, over 250,000 companies used Airbnb for business, up from only hundreds a few years earlier in 2015.

Other offerings include a filter for homes that include spots suitable for meetings and expensing app integration. Further, Airbnb rental properties that are offered as "Business Travel Ready" are controlled to be extra-appealing and offer all the amenities of a hotel. The company wants to put its best foot forward in attracting new business traveler customers.

Does Renting Save Money Over a Hotel?
Based on analysis by Time's MONEY site, in a big city, renting a home on Airbnb will save you money compared to a typical hotel. On average, however, hotel rooms are less expensive than an Airbnb hotel rental in the same city. Other factors to consider are location and comfort. Airbnb properties are more likely to be located out of the central business district, and may lack some hotel amenities. Both of those concerns could affect travel expenses.

Longer trips will probably be more appealing (and more cost effective) in a homey apartment. That's because apartments are built for the specific purpose of a long term stay. Hotels, on the other hand, are made for one or two night stays. Finally, Airbnb's loyalty program can mean cash rewards for employees that could potentially sweeten the deal.
Looking to the Future of Business Travel
As Airbnb captures more and more of the business traveler market, expect more perks offered to business travelers as the company tries to get a bigger piece of the market.

While hotels have tradition, established relationships, and rewards systems on their side, Airbnb has the advantage of being a company that can quickly roll out innovative tactics to appeal to a diverse range of business travelers.