Know Your Customer, Save Your Money

Car sellers will be spending up to $14 billion per year on digital marketing, but is it really working?
According to Opportunity Max, by 2020 automotive digital ad spending will break $14 billion per year, and 62% customers would rather research cars on the Internet than speak with a sales representative in person. The one big problem this causes for dealerships is that companies spend a lot of money on customers that don't even buy cars in the end. But is there a more efficient and cost-effective way for dealers to find car buyers? Blockchain technology can potentially provide huge savings to your advertising budget, while increasing car sales results.
Having Well-Matched Prospects Means Less Negotiation Time and More Revenue
The vast majority of the funds car dealers allocated for digital advertising are spent on customers that won't end up buy a car. There is no guarantee that the ads will convert into sales. Dealerships end up losing money for the ads and as a result, cars are getting more expensive.

Current digital ad campaigns tend to be either casting a wide net (which will include many uninterested parties) or paid search results. Neither of these is ideal, and results in a lot of wasted ad dollars on false positives. Wouldn't it be great for companies to show their advertisements to the customers that are actually interested in the purchase and have money to afford it?

BitClave's Blockchain-Based Solution can Help Targeting Right Buyers
Using Bitclave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE), buyers can selectively provide information about themselves that can attract potentially matched offers. Companies can get access to the customer's data (that they chose to willingly share) in an anonymous and encrypted way. This makes the whole process much easier and faster. The BASE reward system can potentially stimulate users to share as much of their personal data as possible.

As a result, dealerships get people that are interested in purchasing a car, and users get advertisements that match what they are looking for. It's a win-win strategy. Most importantly, it can substantially decrease expenses for businesses looking to reach new customers.
A Smarter Way to Market
These days information is everything. So it's time to take advantage of new technologies like blockchain and encryption, which BitClave offers, and boost your business growth. It's time to take your business to the next level.