Finding Warm Leads for Insurance Customers with BASE

The market for insurance leads is bloated and efficient, and its costing insurance agents and consumers. Let's connect these interested parties directly with BASE.
If you're an insurance agent, the greatest challenge you face is probably finding warm leads for customers, and avoiding placing cold calls that don't turn into sales. In fact, the statistics back this up. In a LinkedIn Technology Marketing Group survey, 68% of the respondents said their number one concern was quality of leads; a majority said their second greatest concern was quantity of leads.
Tracking Down Your Customers
Buying leads does little to address this problem, because prices are inflated and leads might be stale by the time you get to a user. A family may have already purchased and insured their home by the time you reach them. Plus, devising your own marketing campaign or networking in allied industries can be a challenge on top of closing deals.

What can you do? Today, technology is creating new channels to connect with homeowners and potential customers.

Consider User's Experiences
There are far too many platforms out there to connect with insurance seekers. They also don't distinguish between the curious browser and new homeowners in need of insurance coverage. That's where BASE comes in. BASE is a search ecosystem where users can discreetly share verified information about themselves that you'll need to get them an accurate quote. They can also willingly grant permission to companies (that's you) to target them with advertising in exchange for BASE ecosystem rewards.

For you, there's only one step necessary in setting up your audience profile and what you think reaching a user is worth. With BitClave, users have a "karma" ranking that goes down if they view too many ads without a purchase, so they are incentivized to make purchases.
Insurance Leads of the Future
The third-party industry of insurance and sales leads isn't working for consumers or businesses. There's no way to see who is a serious potential customer, and every piece of information collected while a users looks for a quote for coverage needs to be verified, costing you time and money.

With BASE, consumers and businesses interact via an ecosystem designed for the transparent exchange of data and opportunities. You'll connect directly with interested users who are ready to compare quotes and coverage, and do business with you.