Target the Right Business Customers for Cyber Insurance

In this fast-expanding industry, having an edge in identifying customers who understand the necessity of cyber insurance is vital.
Moving Online
As more and more business interactions move online, Cyber insurance is quickly becoming an essential risk management tool: about one-third of companies in the US have some kind of cyber insurance policy right now. That's a significant portion, but also leaves a lot of market players you could capture as the industry grows from $2.5 billion today to about $7.5 billion in 2020. So how do you snap up those businesses before your competitors do?

Meet Business Owners Where They Are on Cyber Knowledge
These days, basically every business has some online interface that serves as a conduit for sensitive customer information. As the knowledge of the risks inherent in cyber become more widely known, companies will be pressured by users to make sure their data is secure. Plus, high profile breaches and hacks in the news raise the financial stakes for business owners.

Where will those business owners go to answer their queries about how to protect themselves and their users? The answer is obvious: the web. As you connect with users via BASE (the blockchain-based way to find practical, warm leads), you need to get a sense of your potential client's prior knowledge about cyber risks, current protection measures and cyber insurance. This is an essential early time, before talking policies, to get to know a potential client's needs and their cyber vulnerabilities.
Distinguish Your Coverage
Because cyber insurance is a quickly evolving industry and policies can vary substantially, it's essential to clarify the details of your coverage and effectively match a policy to the client's needs. Do this through the channel you connect with a business owner through—when you capture their lead through BASE, you'll know how they identify their needs—and through your sales skills.

Many innovations are to come in the cyber insurance landscape. Stay at the front of the pack and capture client entry into the industry through quality, swift client capture.