Stop Losing Leads to Third Parties

As a car dealer, you probably know that 88% of buyers get information about cars online. To put it mildly, not all of the people doing research online will buy a car from you. Amidst competition, you know you need to be more efficient. But how?
Here Comes the (Third) Party
According to Automotive Buyer Influence Study, 66% of new car buyers and 81% of used car buyers use third party sites to purchase a car. Customers see them as more useful than any other sources, including dealer and manufacturer websites, as well as search engines. This means that they are not coming to the dealer directly in most cases - a sign that there is room for improvement of marketing strategies for dealers.

To make a well-built platform for users to get interested in your services you'll have to invest substantial amounts of your marketing budget on content production and an online shopping system to produce warm leads.

Third party sites have well developed systems that undoubtedly cost them greatly. Building your own platform will probably be just as costly, as putting together large amounts of content and advanced IT solutions, producing excellent marketing content and investing into professional software is increasingly expensive. Is there a different, and more importantly, better way to approach this?

Make Your Warm Leads Hot
It wouldn't get any better if customers shouted out loud what they wanted. Alongside their demographics and all the necessary data you need from them to make your offer, BitClave is working hard to make that dream come true.

With BitClave Active Search Ecosystem, the users of our platform will be able to securely provide all the needed information in an encrypted and anonymous way. It means that you will be able to find users, and will see enough data to make them your offer. If the users choose to share their identity with you, the chances of turning your interaction into a sale increase substantially. That's because the platform provides a trustful environment for potential shoppers.

With data privacy becoming a marketing trend today, you have a chance to make use of it by joining BitClave now!