Expanding Home Health Care Efficiency with Blockchain

In one of the US's fastest-growing industries, blockchain can deliver trustworthiness and efficiency to facilitate expansion.
Growing Fast
It's widely known that the need for care businesses is expanding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual growth rate for home health services is almost 5%. That makes the home health care industry one of America's faster-growing sectors.

This unprecedented growth requires innovative solutions for connecting with patients who need care and their families, and for increasing efficiency delivering quality services. BASE—BitClave's Active Search Ecosystem—can provide flexible, blockchain-based solutions to the challenges of this expanding industry.

Find Leads on Patients Serious About Receiving Care
At its core, BASE is a search engine platform that you can use to connect securely with those searching for care. Instead of advertising to the general population or through usual, bloated online channels that don't target your audience, find users based on specific criteria.

At BitClave, we envision an ecosystem where users electively disclose parts of their profile, and then you advertise to those who fit the profile of users you want to target—based on age, insurance, location, specialized needs and more.
Expand Your Capacity to Deliver Care
Because home health care is a person-to-person service, you can't increase efficiencies in your "product," but you can cut down on administrative needs using blockchain technology. As the home care industry expands with over a million new jobs by 2020, you'll also be able to use BASE to find reliable, trustworthy employees efficiently. Target users with the verified experience and education you want on BASE, and find your newest employees.
Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Innovative Care Systems
As blockchain-systems proliferate multiple industries, traditional structures of matching patients and care providers will be "disrupted." However, the home health care profession requires professionalism and trustworthiness that should be valued and probably not replaced with a peer-to-peer system.

By updating your existing traditional administrative systems with BASE, you'll be combining the best of home care and what technology can deliver.

Modernize your home health care business the customizable, efficient, and secure blockchain ecosystem, BASE, to deliver exceptional care into the next decade and beyond.