Reaching Your Care Clientele Online

BASE creates a clear, qualifications-based ecosystem to connect with in-home patients and others seeking services.
Online Leads Key to Growth
No matter your expertise, as a caregiver you probably spend more time than you want to searching for new clients or patients. This takes you away from your real passion (and source of compensation) – actually giving care in-home to your families. Technological advancement through blockchain applications are making it easier than ever to connect directly with interested families, giving you more time to find a good fit and do the work you're qualified for.

Concentrate on One Platform to Find Clients
Right now, the landscape of sites to connect with families in need of care is totally oversaturated. Your potential clientele is spread out across many different sites, and you're spread too thin updating your various profiles and not doing your actual work. This problem is exacerbated if you provide multiple services, like nannying as well as tutoring, or are qualified to care for different constituencies, like the different populations that need in-home health care.

With an adaptive, blockchain-based platform like BASE (BitClave Active Search Ecosystem), you can focus on creating one appealing, full profile and create target audiences across different clientele.
Target Your Ideal Family for Your Care
After you've made your caregiver profile, through the one connection point of BASE, you interact with different families in ways that you customize. You set the families that you want to work with through user profiles, and set how valuable each view and interaction is to you. Users are incentivized to only interact with ads that could lead to a financial transaction, so you know that their searches are for services they actually need.
Distinguish Yourself with Experience
From the initial connection on BASE, you can forge relationships with platform users and their families. The data-sharing infrastructure of BASE allows you to verify their needs, as well as your educational history, experience, and qualifications through secure disclosures. As you come to an agreement about care services, you can use BASE's secure ecosystems to support the person-to-person negotiations.

Try BASE, the online advertising platform of the future, to connect with your next client and build your career as a caregiver.